Scratch-My-Butt Cat Butt Scratcher. Wall-mounted super space saver sisal scratch pad

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These cat butt scratchers are not only modern and stylish they also free up lots of precious floor space. Kitty cats love the texture of sisal rope. The texture is rougher than carpet so it’s best for removing the dead outer layer of the claws. It is also much stronger and more durable than cardboard. It is the most recommended material for a cat scratcher.

Don’t have a cat? No problem. These scratchers are beautifully made they can be used as wall decorations!

The scratchers are all hand made, including the glue we use! They are first cut from a wood plank and carefully wrapped with sisal and jute ropes to create a “tabby” effect. The ropes are glued onto the plank using home-made edible glue to ensure the safety of your precious kitty. There is a little bit of catnip near the “X” to attract the kitty’s attention.

Installation is super easy. All you need is to find a stud in the wall and put the two provided screws in the right locations and you’re all set! Step-to-step instructions included.

My kitty TinTin really digs his claws into the poor Cat Butt and pulls on it with his whole 14lb weight! As long as the scratcher is installed on a stud it won’t go anywhere.

Available in two sizes:

Small – 8 1/2″x19 1/2″. The small scratchers have a tan colour “X” (third photo). Weighs approximately 1lb 2oz
Large – 10×24″. The large scratchers have a black ribbon as “X” (first and second photo). Weighs approximately 1lb 11oz

Shipped by Canada Post/USPS Expedited service with tracking. They come in a large 26″x10″x5″ box. Please make sure the shipping address you provide can receive parcels this size. For shipping to an international address other than Canada and USA, please contact us for a quote.

All Cat Butt designs from our shop are dedicated to an amazing soul–our FIV+ (Feline immunodeficiency virus) cat Nemo who passed in 2010. There wouldn’t be a 2 Forks Design without him. 10% of the proceeds will be used to sponsor the FIV+/FeLV cats at a volunteer-run no-kill cat shelter with a special FIV+ facility, Katie’s Place Animal Shelter ( It was my cat TinTin’s home briefly before he came to live with us.

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