Scratch-My-Butt Cat Butt Scratcher. Wall-mounted super space saver sisal scratch pad

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These cat butt scratchers are not only modern and stylish they also free up lots of precious floor space. Kitty cats love the texture of sisal rope. The texture is rougher than carpet so it’s best for removing the dead outer layer of the claws. It is also much stronger and more durable than cardboard. […]

ALL NEW COLORS!! Nip-in-the-Butt Cat Butt Handmade Catnip Toy

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Eight all new 2015 color combinations plus one “surprise-me” option! Would you like to see your cat kiss someone’s butt, instead of you kissing…you know, for a change? Love to watch your cat chase and bite someone’s butt without getting into nasty fights? This whimsical Nip-in-the-Butt will amuse your cat and entertain you to no […]